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Máy hút chân không Lavezzini nhập khẩu nguyên chiếc từ Italia

~ “PRESTIGE” range of vacuum packing machines with chamber for desk definitely turns to those extremely demanding customers who look for high quality,solidity and working performance.

~ The latest version of this line is no doubt the best customers might be looking for, thanks to its new available functions:regulation of vacuum phase by sensor to get the most accurate result, self-cleaning pump system to keep pump oil clean as long as possible, the opening carter to make any after sale technical servicing much easier and faster…etc..

~ All the technical and structure details consider three basic aspects:
– High quality
– Long time granted reliability
– Total flexibility of the different models to operate in the most different sectors of use.
~ On demand, customers can apply for ATM system and old fashioned analogical control panel.

Giá bán: 102,202,000 VND


Model: Boxer 45
Structure Inox
Overall dimention 560x630x450 H
Size of the chamber23 460x500x220 H
Sealing bar mm 450
Vacuum pump Q = 20 m3/h-OIL
Weight Kg 65
Voltage 230 V/50-60 Hz / 1ph/ 1,2kW


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